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“Learn The One Weird Trick I Used to Lose 32 Flabby Pounds, Drop 3 Jean Sizes, and Get a Sexy, Flat Stomach… Faster and Easier Than I Ever Dreamed Possible!”
“In the article below…. I’m going to give you THE single most powerful secret for losing fat and getting a slim and slender HOT bod…


Dear Friend,Hi, my name is Lauren and I have an amazing fat loss story I’d like to share with you.

It’s about how I lost 32 pounds of unwanted fat, dropped 3 jean sizes, and finally got the sexy, attractive body I wanted… all in just a few short weeks.

I’m telling you my story because it’s probably a lot like yours. If you’re anything like me… you’ve probably tried losing weight for a while now.

I personally struggled for YEARS trying to get in shape. I’d spend HOURS each day running on the treadmill. And when that stopped working, I started following a very restrictive diet… eating just 500 to 800 calories a day.


I rapidly lost weight… but kept the flabby appearance… or what you call “skinny fat”.


So I tried a ton of different diet pills and fat burners.  But those just left me feeling nervous, jittery, and light-headed.

I Tried And Failed SO Many Times…

It was always the same story. I never saw the rest of the weight come off.

All this trial and error left me feeling tired, angry, irritable, and depressed.

I’d dream about having “that body”… the lean toned kind that made me feel great about myself. I felt like a prisoner in my own body. I wore baggy, frumpy clothes to hide my body.

I wanted a change that would make ME feel good about myself.

I finally realized that if I didn’t make a change… I’d just wonder “what if” for the rest of my life. And it was frustrating, to say the least.

How I Finally Lost Weight… After YEARS Of Failure

Almost by sheer coincidence… I met a guy (who would later become my husband) through my ex-boyfriend.

We started talking one day about fitness and working out.

I mentioned to him what I was doing to try and lose weight.

And I was shocked when out of nowhere…  he said I needed to stop running AND stop dieting ASAP!


He told me that long, slow cardio was the WORST way to burn fat because it’s not intense enough to kick your metabolism into fat-burning mode.


Not only that, he said if you exercise too often… your body secretes cortisol… which is a hormone that causes you to HOLD ONTO FAT!


And too much exercise wears you out… so you don’t want to keep at it!


He said this is why those who join a gym for New Year resolutions never stay with it.

He said that most people have been handed so much B.S. by all the fitness magazines and supplement companies… it’s been too confusing to get results!

That’s WHY It’s Not Your Fault You’re Overweight…

For example… restrictive dieting and starving yourself is the WORST thing you can do if you want to lose fat!

Not only is it dangerous, it actually produces the OPPOSITE effect that you want!

In other words… when you follow a very restrictive diet… your body actually HOLDS onto stored body fat! It does it as a defense mechanism. If your body senses starvation, it will hold onto your stored body fat in case of future calorie needs.

Oh, and another thing. Please don’t fall for any of these worthless fat pills or fat burners that you see on the infomercials. They don’t burn fat at all!

It’s true, they can really wreak havoc on your metabolism and central nervous system.

That’s why people who use them report feeling nervous and jittery all the time. And I’m sure you don’t want that!

Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life In Just Weeks

The honest reality is… the ONLY way to drop the fat is by eating the right foods and by doing the right exercises that are effective at burning fat.

And it’s fat from those hard-to-tone places that I’m sure you WANT to lose it from.

Places like the buns and thighs, belly area, and under the arms! I know you don’t want those flabby arm wings!

Better yet, this is actual FAT LOSS… and not just water loss that some of those “fad diets” cause. And I’ll show you HOW you can get results without depriving yourself of good food… without doing a ton of exercise… and without a ton of cardio.

I’ll show you the simple, quick and easy way to speed up your metabolism so you burn away pounds of fat in just a few short weeks.

You really can go from feeling down and depressed about your body… to toned, happy, and sexy. You can go from hiding under lose, baggy pants… to turning heads at the beach while you’re walking the sand in your two-piece bikini!

And the best part is… there are no extreme, fad or starvations diets you have to follow.

What’s more… you don’t have to do a ton of cardio or exercises either. If you do this right, it only takes a few minutes each day to focus on the stuff that actually works to melt off fat 24/7.

I Lost Weight Faster Than I Could Imagine!

Within a few short weeks… I lost 32 pounds of unwanted fat and 3 inches from my waist following some simple nutrition changes.

When I looked in the mirror, I could see my belly bulge was gone and a sexy, flat stomach was in its place.

More importantly, the results kept coming and coming. I never got such incredible results with any other program.

These days… I finally have the slim and slender body I’ve always wanted.  Gone is the fat and ugly cellulite that made me feel so self-conscious.

My self-esteem and confidence has improved by leaps and bounds.

I Feel So Much Better About Myself

When summer comes around… I feel sexy again when going to the beach.

I actually wear swim suits without using a towel to cover up. I don’t have the feelings of embarrassment that used to overwhelm me.

I went from overweight and depressed… to feeling attractive and sexy. And the best part is… I didn’t have to spend all day exercising on the treadmill to do it!

I didn’t have to follow some restrictive diet either. As I got leaner and leaner… people started asking me what I was doing.

I Want to Give You The Same Exact Fat Loss Tool I Used to Lose 32 Pounds!

And I know for a fact that if you’re looking to lose unwanted fat and inches, you’ll be happy with your results as well.

Believe me… as someone who was 32 pounds overweight… I know how depressing it can be. I’ve been there, so I remember the frustration.

It’s pretty depressing when you don’t feel good about your body. But you don’t have to search for answers any longer. You can use these techniques to get the toned, sexy body you want.

Honestly, you won’t believe how good you look after a few short weeks.

Finally Get the Sexy, Hot Body You Want

Imagine how sexy you’ll look and feel after losing the extra fat on your body.


You’ll feel SO proud of the way you look. You’ll no longer feel insecure or self-conscious.  Your confidence and self-esteem will skyrocket.


No more worrying or stressing about how you look when walking the beach. You’ll never be embarrassed to wear a sexy two-piece bikini.   You’ll feel sexy and attractive when walking the sand…you’ll have a new feeling of pride and confidence. Showing off your new hot body and turning heads as you go.

As you’re getting in shape and losing fat, you’re dropping those jean sizes quicker and easier than ever. You’ll finally be able to fit into those skinny jeans.


Can you imagine the compliments you’ll get from your friends and family? They’ll be jealous of your new sexy bod and dying to know your secrets.

Take it from me… getting an amazing body has been a life changing experience.

And now that I know exactly what it takes… you can use my advice as a shortcut to transforming your own physique… a lot faster than what you’re doing now.

In fact, you can enjoy this in just a few short weeks from today.

It’s Not Your Fault You’re Overweight…

The truth is… if you’ve EVER struggled with trying to lose weight and you’ve been unsuccessful… it’s not your fault!


You see, every single day you’re getting misleading information about diets, pills, and workouts… so it becomes too confusing to know what actually works.


The weight loss industry is a BILLION dollar industry and all these huge supplement companies and fitness magazines have products to sell.


If they told you the REAL truth and actually helped you lose fat… they’d lose money and profits. They want you to stay fat… so you keep buying their weight loss products.


So please, don’t keep beating yourself up. You’ve never been able to learn the truth about losing fat… because NO ONE WILL SHOW YOU.


That is… until now!


Quite honestly, I’m fed up with the lies these companies are dishing out.


I can honestly say… through a TON of trial and error… that I’ve learned the truth about what it takes to lose fat and get a slim and slender body.

You DON’T need a restrictive diet to lose fat. In fact, I was able to lose weight by eating more foods, more often. (It’s just got to be the RIGHT foods).

If you lower your calories too much… your body senses starvation and actually holds onto your body fat. Not only that, but overly restrictive diets are too hard to follow in the long run. At some point, you’re bound to just give in and eat more.

And another thing… you DON’T need hours of cardio to lose weight either.

Long cardio sessions are actually one of the WORST ways to burn fat. They’re not intense enough to put your metabolism into fat-burning mode.

I’m going to give you the same system I used to lose over 32 pounds of fat in just a few short weeks… without depriving myself of good food and without a ton of running.

When you drop the diets, pills, and long cardio sessions… and start using these simple and safe techniques…you’ll melt off a ton of fat from your belly, hips, buns, and anywhere else you want to lose it!

Here are the Secrets To Getting “Photo Ready”

As I drastically improved my body, my friends kept saying “You have to write a book… You have to write a book…”


And that’s what I’ve done.


Over the last few years, I’ve taken all the nutrition secrets I used to lose 32 pounds of fat… and I put them into a 158-page e-book.


I wrote everything down, took out all the junk, kept the good stuff, and created a method based on what I had learned.


The truth is… the fastest way to lose fat is to model and copy a program that’s already been proven to work.


That way, you can skip the trial and error… and ONLY spend your time and energy on what produces fast results… dropping the rest.


Avoid The Mistakes And Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life In Just A Few Short Weeks

You’ll have the exact steps you need to follow… so you no longer have to wonder if you’re doing all the right things.

More importantly, you can learn ALL of it in just a few minutes from now… so you can start getting immediate results.

Just a few quick and easy changes to your daily routine will help you naturally begin to drop that unwanted fat… so you get the lean, slim and sexy look you deserve.

Another thing I learned is… changing your eating habits all at once is nearly impossible.


When you use this program, you’ll hardly notice the changes except for when you step on the scale.

Other diets and workout plans give you all new foods and meals to eat. Plus they tell you to restrict your diet of certain foods along with fully restricting your calories too.

This isn’t easy to do and large changes can be a shock to your system. When this is the case, there’s NO chance for you to stick with it. In fact, almost every diet program online approaches nutrition completely wrong.

You’re going to be shocked when you see how easy changing your nutrition is.

Here’s a Sample of what You’ll Learn:


Learn why certain foods cause your body to hold onto fat. Learn to make smarter choices when eating out or creating your own recipes.

Discover so-called fattening foods that actually help fight belly fat

Find out foods you THINK are healthy but actually cause you to get fat

Learn why you can eat all day long… and STILL lose fat.

Downloadable recipes that help you and your family stay lean and healthy.

Lose 10 or more pounds in your first 4 weeks by doing this one thing.

Cook meals your husband and children will love.

Learn how to lower your grocery bill and spend less money.

End the guilt of enjoying cheat meals because you’ll deserve them!

Find out how to set up your workouts and nutrition the very best way… while losing the most thigh fat possible!

Learn how to make your workouts shorter and more effective… so you get the very best results in the least amount of time.

Find out the very BEST exercises to get lean and sexy. If you’re not doing these, you’re not getting the results you COULD be getting!

Learn the easiest way to set up your nutrition to burn fat all day. By setting up your nutrition this way, you actually burn fat at rest and even while you sleep

Learn the secrets to losing more ugly fat in less time so you look better, feel sexier, and get noticed more!

Discover how to tone up and add lean muscle. Feel more confident, have more pride, and show off your lean, toned, sexy body!

Find out healthy, nutritious meals based upon your own goal… so you eat just the right amount to lose fat.

Learn the best sculpting, head-turning exercises you can do!

Find out the truth about how low calorie, restrictive diets can actually slow down your metabolism and cause you to STORE fat!

Learn how to avoid “Yo-Yo” diets that keeps you losing and gaining weight, time after time!

Find out how to separate good fats that you need in your diet from the bad fats that cause you to gain fatty weight

Discover the types of food that will help you fight fat and NOT gain it.

Learn the foods that people think are healthy… but are actually HURTING your chances of losing thigh fat!

Learn a nutrition trick that keeps your metabolism running high so you burn off more unwanted thigh fat during the day!

Learn HOW, WHAT, and WHEN to eat to lose the pounds from your hips, buns, and thighs. Since your diet is key, you’ll learn the best foods to eat, when to eat them, and how much to eat.

Lose fat without doing hours of cardio. By increasing your metabolism, you’ll burn calories even at rest.

Lose fat without restrictive dieting. I’ll show you quick, easy, and NUTRITIOUS meals to make…

Learn how to eat more and trick your body into burning off more fat for you! Shed that unwanted fat faster than you can believe.

Find out the specific types of food that help to fight unwanted fat. Some of these foods will shock you because you would NEVER have guessed them. Your body is melting fat 24/7… so you’re losing weight even while you sleep!

Learn a simple nutrition trick that tells your body that you’re not hungry and keeps your metabolism high so you burn fat all the time!

Finally learn the real reason you don’t have the lean, toned body you want.


Look, I’m here to tell you… if you’re out of shape right now and don’t have the lean, sexy body you want… it’s not your fault.


The entire weight loss industry has a bunch of scams and frauds all through it. After all, fat loss and fitness is a billion dollar industry.

And since they need to keep making profits to stay in business… they need you to stay fat! I swear, it’s true! If you actually lost fat and got in the best shape of your life… they’d lose money.


This is why I wrote this program… because I was sick and tired of falling for those same scams.


Here’s the thing, With the nutritional info in the program, you won’t have to change your entire eating habits. You’re going to easily turn your body into a fat melting machine using the right foods:


You get meal plans with great tasting foods that burn fat.

Transform Your Body and Look Hot 24/7

Bottom line…this program shows you how to sculpt the HOT body you’ve always wanted… without all the long, boring cardio sessions.

And it shows you WHEN to eat… WHAT foods to eat, and the right AMOUNTS to eat so you can lose fat WITHOUT dieting. Just follow the program and you’ll burn away the excess fat that’s been making you feel self-conscious.

Even if you’ve tried everything and failed… you’ll finally have the fastest and easiest way to speed up your fat loss… cutting out the trial and error.

The truth is… this program is different than anything else because you can do these exercises right at home. No gym membership or exercise equipment needed.


In fact, most of the other online workout programs require you to spend hours at a gym doing boring cardio on a treadmill, bike, or elliptical machines.


Not this. In just 30 minutes or less… just a few times a week… you can lose fat and get that lean, sexy body that has you feeling good.  There’s no other system that’s as simple, quick, and reliable as this… because you work with your body’s natural ability to burn off fat a lot faster.


No Pills, No Diets, No Hours At The Gym…

No need for starvations diets and no need for long, boring cardio.

You simply move your body for 30 minutes at a time, just a few days a week. These short workouts FORCE your body to burn fat … even while you sit on the couch.


Look, I know you’re busy… with work, kids, and family. Who has time to drive to the gym and spend hours on the treadmill… taking time away from your family?


You can take a few minutes to do these quick, easy exercises in the comfort of home and get a lean, sexy bod in LESS than 2 hours a week.


You’ll feel sexier, more attractive, and more confident. You no longer feel insecure or embarrassed… so you’re feeling LESS stressed and self-conscious about how you look.


You’re walking the beach with a new feeling of pride and confidence… showing off your new physique.


The compliments from friends, family, and your significant other about how great you look. You’ll look forward to wearing clothes that show off your body.


Take it from me… you can experience your own transformation… and you can enjoy it in just 62 days from today.


I know because I’ve done it.


And it doesn’t matter if you’re new at lifting or experienced…man, woman, young or old…


The ONLY thing that matters… is your desire to start doing something. From there… I’ll take you by the hand and help you eliminate the mistakes that are destroying your chances of losing fat… so you won’t be wasting your time and energy.


Download this e-book… which you’ll be reading in just 5 minutes. It will only take you about 2 hours to read.


You’ll learn the right foods, right amount, and right times to eat.


You’ll learn the right exercises, reps, and sets and how to work out so you lose fat, quickly and safely.


At the end of 62 days you’ll have lost pounds of body fat, and achieved the lean, toned, confident, attractive body you’ve always wanted… guaranteed.


If I can do it, you can too.


How Much Does this Program Cost?

Well, let me ask…

What price can you put on cutting out hours of unnecessary time by focusing on what gets you the best results in the least amount of time?

What price can you put on looking better and feeling better about yourself?

What’s your happiness worth? You’d spend thousands of dollars hiring a nutritionist and personal trainer to get this information in person.

But this program contains both the nutrition information AND the workout information you need to start seeing the weight come off. If you were paying a personal trainer for this info… you’d pay $85 an hour. If you were paying a certified nutritionist, it would be closer to $100 per hour.

At just a few sessions with each…that would be over $300 a week and $14,000 a year to help you get the sexy body you want. But I’m not going to charge you $300 a week or $14,000 a year!

You’re not going to pay anything NEAR that. For a limited time only…you get the entire e-book plus my 8-week money back guarantee for one-time investment of just $39.

That’s less than any personal trainer charges for an hour of personal training!

Not only that, I want to make sure you don’t risk a penny…




You know… I’m very confident this program will give you everything you need to lose fat in less time.


I’ve already tested and proven it by my own trial and error. And it has also worked for each and every person who has seriously used it.


But even so, I want to eliminate all worry for you by letting you use this program at my expense!


Go ahead and order this program right now and take a full 8 weeks to try out the techniques.


If you’re not completely thrilled and 100% satisfied with what it’s done for you, just ask and you’ll receive a full and total refund. Absolutely no questions asked. Period.







Take a full 60 days to check out my program and watch as your belly disappears, week after week.


And if for ANY reason you’re not completely blown away by the amount of fat that melts off your stomach, thighs, arms, and everywhere else… you’ll get 100% of your money back… absolutely no questions asked


The Magic Moment When Your Life Changes…

So you have an important choice to make here.

You can keep WISHING you had the body you’ve always dreamed of… the body that will make you happy.

But as you already know… if you keep doing the same things over and over again, you’re going to keep getting the same results.

Or… you can take action and get started with a completely new step in the right direction.

This is something you can do for your family… for your social life… for your love life and more importantly… you can do this for yourself!

So please, don’t procrastinate and “think about it”. In just a few short weeks… you can have a body that makes you feel great and lifts your self-confidence to a limit you never thought possible.

Something magic happens because you’re more positive and upbeat. You’ll feel like a giant weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

Take it from me… your new body gives you that boost in happiness and confidence you need to feel great about yourself. And when you’re happy and confident… you just feel better!

Look, you deserve this. It’s important that YOU’RE happy!

It’s Time YOU Get A Fresh Start On Life…

And you won’t have to suffer through all the workout programs and diet plans I tried.

You won’t spend more than 30 minutes a day, 2 to 3 times a week doing this.

You can get your hands on this entire program in just seconds from now. It’s all online and nothing is shipped to your door.

All you need to do is take the next step and click the button below and use the same system I used to lose over 32 pounds.

The Program Will Change Your Body And Your Life

So please, don’t “think about it”. In just a few short weeks… you can have a body that lifts your confidence to a limit you never thought possible.

Click the button now and get that super-sexy waistline. Skip the trial and error and experience the same excitement and happiness I had after losing 32 pounds!

Say “goodbye” to the lack of confidence and say “Hello” to the new, sexy YOU!

Get started by clicking on the button below.



P.S. Take it from me… getting in shape really does increase your confidence and help in ALL other areas of your life. If you feel that a new body and a fresh start is what you need… then it’s time to do something that makes you feel great.

P.P.S. And remember, there’s absolutely no risk for trying this out. If it’s not for you, you can get your money back quickly and easily. So don’t you owe it to yourself to at least try it? Why work your butt off for little or no weight loss. Save the time and aggravation by using this program.